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Author & Illustrator:
Little Duck on the Moon 2002
Teddy Time 2000
Teddy Bears' Picnic 1997
Teddy & Rabbit's Shop 1996
Teddy & Rabbit's Birthday Surprise 1995
Teddy & Rabbit's Runaway Washing 1995
Teddy & Rabbit's Muddy Bicycle 1995
Teddy & Rabbit's Picnic Outing 1995
Hannah's Hotel: Beside The Sea 1994
Hannah's Hotel: Many Happy Returns 1994
Hannah's Hotel: The Late Arrivals 1994
Hannah's Hotel: Rainy Weather 1994
Hello, Day 1994
Night, Night 1994
Mutiny at Crossbones Bay 1994
C.A.T. Crusoe 1993
Ho, Ho, Ho! - Bumper Christmas Issue 1993
Feeling Peckish (poetry collection) 1992
The Spangly Dragon & other funny poems 1992
Zoe and the Space Pirates 1991
One Little Teddy Bear 1991
The Birthday Joke Book 1991
The Phantom Phunbook 1991
Can't Get To Sleep (poetry collection) 1990
The Cat's Pyjamas 1990 (US title: The Cat's Pajamas)
Feeling Beastly (poetry collection) 1989
Lucky Thunder 1989
Monkey Business 1987
Is it a Tiger? 1987
What Thomas Did 1986

Where Teddy Bears Come From, ill Russell Ayto 2008
Theo Slugg in Dead Trouble (writing as Simon Goswell) 2004
Theo Slugg in Low Spirits (writing as Simon Goswell) 2004
Agent Spike & the Vegetables of Doom, ill. Bridget McKeith 2003 (US title When Vegetables Attack)

Mark's poems have also appeared in these collections:
Cockadoodle Moo, compiled by John Foster 2001
A Poem for Everyone, ed. Michael Harrison and Christopher Stuart-Clark 2001
Off to School, compiled by Tony Bradman 1998
All for Fun, ed. Betty Root 1993
An Armful of Bears, ed. Catherine Baker 1993
A Brontosaurus Chorus, ed. Catherine Baker 1991

Return to the Hundred Acre Wood, David Benedictus 2009
Dogs` Night
(with Allan Curless) Meredith Hooper 2000
Sir Ben and the Dragon
, Barbara Mitchelhill 1999
Sir Ben and the Monster
, Barbara Mitchelhill 1999
Sir Ben and the Robbers
, Barbara Mitchelhill 1999
Little Toot (classic abridged edition)
, Hardie Gramatky 1999
Nature is Busy
, Jane Brett 1997
Going Places
, Jane Brett 1997
Out to Work
, Jane Brett 1997
Lots to Do
, Jane Brett 1997
Follow the Kite
, Anna Nilsen 1997
Harry`s Treasure Hunt
, Stephen Thraves 1995
The Invaders
, Tony Bradman 1993
, Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore 1993
The Emerald Conspiracy
, Mark Fowler 1993
The King's Sock
, Barbara Mitchelhill 1993
Huff, Puff and Ruffly
, Jim Edmiston 1992
Surprise, surprise, Queen Loonia!
, Richard Groves 1992
The Good Egg Yolk Book
, Katie Wales 1990
Catchpole, King of the Castle
, David Oakden 1989
You and your Child in Hospital
, Margaret Carter 1989
The Christmas Pudding Joke Book
, Holly Berry 1989
Harriet and the Flying Teachers
, Martin Waddell 1988
The Return of the Elephant Joke Book
, Katie Wales 1988
I`m a Five Times Tabler
, Bill Gillham 1987
I`m a Four Times Tabler
, Bill Gillham 1987
I`m a Three Times Tabler
, Bill Gillham 1987
I`m a Two Times Tabler
, Bill Gillham 1987
Jokes From Outer Space
, Katie Wales 1987
The Holiday Joke Book
, Katie Wales 1987
Harriet and the Robot
, Martin Waddell 1986
A Very Mouse Joke Book
, John Hegarty 1986
Mary had a Crocodile (poetry collection)
, ed. Jennifer Curry 1985
The Elephant Joke Book.
, Katie Wales 1985
Harriet and the Haunted School
, Martin Waddell 1984
Harriet and the Crocodiles
, Martin Waddell 1983

Mark has coloured and adapted many other illustrators' work including:

E H Shepard (for A A Milne's stories):
When We Were Very Young,
(coloured edition) 1989
Now We Are Six
, (coloured edition) 1989
Is That You, Winnie-the-Pooh (lift-the-flap) 1990
Tell the Time with Pooh 1994
Winnie-the-Pooh pop-up Theatre Book 1992

Shirley Hughes:
My Naughty Little Sister Storybook, Dorothy Edwards 1991

Peggy Fortnum:
A Bear Called Paddington, (50th Anniversary Edition) Michael Bond 2008

Margaret Tempest:
Little Grey Rabbit's Party, (Gift Edition) Alison Uttley 2000

Noddy Colouring Book, Enid Blyton 1997

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