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  Mark Burgess works as a writer and artist of children's books, something he's been doing for the last twenty-five years. He also works as a computer programmer, and designs special warm places for his cat to sleep.

  Mark's most recent picture book for younger readers is Where Teddy Bears Come From, which has wonderful illustrations by Russell Ayto. For older children Mark wrote and illustrated Mutiny at Crossbones Bay in the Usborne Puzzle Adventures series - an exciting adventure about pirates and buried treasure with a puzzle to solve on every page. He has also adapted and coloured Peggy Fortnum's illustrations for the 50th Anniversay Edition of A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond, and provided new illustrations for a classic edition of Little Toot by Hardie Gramatky.

  Mark provided illustrations in the style of E H Shepard for the first authorised sequel to Winnie-the-Pooh, Return to the Hundred Acre Wood, with stories by David Benedictus, published in October 2009

 Details of all Mark's books can be found here.

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